The wealth of information Adam Curtis has compiled in his new 6-part film is truly astounding. With Can’t Get You Outta My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World, Curtis offers a fresh look into the recent history of our world, using amazing footage to give you glimpses into political, psychological, and societal changes that have influenced our lives over the last few decades.

The vast film touches on psychology, the CIA, the economic crash of 2008, drug use, discordianism, the Russian Revolution, Tupac, the rise of Mao in China, and a look into the influence Mao’s fourth wife…

The results of mass remote learning during COVID

From Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

After a year of trying to help lower COVID cases with remote schooling in many areas of the United States, the results are in for America’s children, and they aren’t good. After spending 2020 and part of 2021 studying and learning at home, many children have fallen massively behind. So far behind that some students may be held back a grade to catch up.

Policy-makers and educators are now teaming up to try to brainstorm ways to get the schoolchildren of America back on track.

It has, undeniably, been a rough year…

Chomsky Debates Foucault — 1971

If you’re at the point of the pandemic where you’ve exhausted your favorite Netflix and Hulu series and are ready to move on to something new, you are not alone. Over the weekend, bored and eager for some different materials, I went in search of interesting philosophical debates on YouTube. And there are plenty to be found.

Below, I’ve compiled the best YouTube debates so you can enjoy them as well. These debates cover a variety of topics, ranging from God to political systems to racism in America.

Chomsky vs. Foucault

In this debate, celebrated linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky argues about…

We live in a society

David Lezcano on Unsplash

a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
“a boost to my ego”

In our modern world, we are obsessed with our egos. Simply google “boost ego” or “improve self-esteem” and you’ll find thousands of articles, self-help books, and videos to assist you in making yourself feel better about… yourself.

Many of the articles and self-help books seem to have a common theme, and it’s not to make you feel better about yourself as a human being so you can live a happier, more fulfilled life. …

What shape is the universe?

Musing, late at night,
on the fate of us all,
the shape of the universe,
the unreality of living.
Quiet, and alone.
No footsteps outside.
No voices next door.
Will it last?
I doubt it.
But who am I to doubt?
Or maybe who am I not to doubt.
But don’t get lost.
Be the smoke that rolls over it
and allow dreams to explain it all away
like Freud.
Or leave it unexamined
to Plato’s eternal dismay.
Either way leave it
whatever it is
and walk away.

Part One

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

I am broken.

So was Anita.

I guess that’s one reason we liked each other. We were attracted. Drawn to one another but never destined to be long-term friends.

Instead, when we interacted, we looked into each other like we were looking in a mirror, gleaning each other’s depths, seeking answers to ourselves in the shape of the other’s nose, or the bend of the other’s smile.

We never found answers, though. Only more questions.

Have you ever wanted to disappear?

That was one of mine. We were at the Main Street Festival, held every June on the…

A poem about poverty & anxiety.

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash

My heels on the edge.
My back to the abyss.
My heart thrums,
One push, one misstep,
and you’re down there.
At the bottom, in the cold,
The fear freezes me;
sinking into my center,
settling into my core.
Yet there’s something unreal about it.
Maybe I already fell into the dark?
And I only imagine
I’m still aboveground.
That must be it.
That’s why I can see your backs from here
circled around the abyss.
Your hands held out to balance you
like tightrope walkers.
Your dirty heels hanging over the edge;
Gum on the bottom of your tennis shoes.

A poem about social anxiety.

Photo by Barthelemy de Mazenod on Unsplash

You are talking, but I can’t hear you;
I don’t even feel near you.
My jaw is locked, palms are sweating,
and that’s what scares me.
It’s just a conversation, but I can’t breathe.
I’m waiting on a reprieve
that’s never come,
an excuse to hide,
a reason to run.
I’m alone, and I can feel it,
on the edge, looking in,
waiting to be let in.

Something isn’t right about the way we live our lives.

Unsplash: Christine

“We have become a civilization based on work — not even “productive work” but work as an end and meaning in itself.”
David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

Have you ever sat in your office chair or on your couch contemplating the meaning of life? Wondering why you do the things you do? Maybe you’ve thought it over with earplugs in while you carry boxes in an Amazon warehouse, or while you meander down a backroad, making your way to the next hungry customer to deliver their food.

Am I really here to spend 8, 10, or even 12…

It’s a phrase I heard over and over again growing up in a conservative state:

“People shouldn’t need welfare. They should take some personal responsibility for themselves and find a job!”

“Why are all these kids complaining about paying back student loans? They need to take some personal responsibility for taking them out in the first place!”

“If he didn’t want to get addicted to drugs, why did he try them in the first place? He should take some personal responsibility for being a drug addict.”

It’s amazing how fast that last argument turned around after rural, white Americans started…

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